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en tremblant - jewelry in motion

To design and make jewelry is to learn about and discover the history of designing and making jewelry. Of everything I've tried my hands at making, I've always been fascinated by jewelry that dances with the wearer.

en tremblant jewelry features spring mounted pieces that pick-up the slightest movements of the wearer and this was used extensively to give precious stones that extra sparkle as it shimmered. You've probably already seen this in styles as diverse as ethnic Asian headdresses and Western regency style brooches and stomachers. In the following example, I try my hand at assembling my very own en tremblant piece, using the spring mounted shimmer to simulate leaves trembling in the breeze.

This video was created with the support of #CENDANAMalaysia under their #CENDANACreateNow programme. My thanks to PEMULIH, CENDANA, dan MYCREATIVE VENTURES for this initiative in support of Malaysian creatives. In this video, I take you behind the scenes as I attempt to construct my own version of an en tremblant brooch.

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