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Chaos. Pure chaos.

messy, chaotic workstation

This is the constant state of my workstation.

I try, I really, truly do, to keep the space organised - if not neat; no not neat, it'll never be that. But it would seem keeping things organised might be too much of an ask, given the way I work. My tools just seem to grow legs, have a mind of their own and wander about willy nilly right under my very nose. And don't even get me started about the chaos pixies that party all night long when I'm away from my desk.

I wonder though, these other jewellers who have their desks and their lives under control, how much of what they share is purely performance and how we're all basically Monicas with our secret closets packed full of chaos.

Yes I've seen videos and articles from other jewellers on how they keep their space under control, their hacks and their tips and tricks and whathaveyous. I've used command hooks, gotten myself little stacking bins, drawers, trays, toolboxes, buckets. Clean as you go, as they say, the way you would in the kitchen (oy, I shudder to think about how you would react if I showed you the state of my kitchen). But then again, maybe what I really need is one of those fantastic workbenches from #RioGrande - yknow, one of these babies.

It's out of my budget though so I guess I'll just have to live this way for a little while longer until some magical solution presents itself.

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